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Green Acres Civic Association represents every person in Green Acres in matters regarding the safety, maintenance, well-being, activities and enjoyment of our neighborhood.

The Civic Association is composed of neighborhood residents - volunteers who donate their time, expertise, and love of the neighborhood.

Welcome all NEW RESIDENTS. Contact Harriet Ainbinder or Mary Rodgers (click the Officers tab at left) for neighborhood news if you arrive between delivery of our March, June, Sept. and Dec. newsletters.

What's New

Spring Snow

It's here, and we could get more...To help get all that snow removed efficiently, let's review the snow plowing request for residents. sign

Prior to and during snow events, please do not park any vehicle or trailer in the street.  Items in the street make it difficult for our plowing contractor to clear the streets curb-to-curb.

Additionally when or if the vehicles are removed after the snow event, the residual snow remains in the street for drivers to navigate around and it narrows the drivable roadway. One last point about residual snow in the roadway; it also contributes to ice patches when it melts.  Please be considerate to the other drivers in the neighborhood and shovel back to the curb.

What goes into a decision to plow or not to plow? Read about how our snow guru, Lou Fortunato, keeps us going when we get hit with snow. More...

Crime Alert - Package Theft


Package thefts have continued past the holdiays. The Nextdoor Silverside app has posts regarding package break-ins in our surrounding communities.

Following are suggestions from Corporal Tracy Duffy to keep your purchases safe.

The New Castle County Police would like to warn residents about the risk of having packages delivered to an empty home. Unfortunately, “Package Pirates” are on the look-out for an easy grab.

Last year, the New Castle County Police received a total of 98 complaints regarding the theft of packages. Nearly half of the reports were received in the months of November and December. Recently, there have been reports of suspicious vehicles following delivery trucks. We have a few tips to keep “Package Pirates” and Grinches from taking your packages.

  1. Opt to require a signature for all package deliveries. Residents should
    review the delivery options at “check-out” for there is an option to leave
    specific delivery instructions for the delivery company on where to leave

  2. Consider sending the package to a family member or trusted neighbor who
    is home during the day to accept the delivery.

  3. Use the “pick-up at store” option for merchandise or pick-up packages at a local UPS or FedEx location.

  4. Sign-up for e-mail or text message alerts from UPS or FedEx. These alerts will notify customers of when packages were delivered.

Remember, if you are a victim of a theft; please call the New Castle County Police. Their non-emergency number is: 302-573-2800.

Join the GACA Email List

emailAnne Murray is our volunteer "community email" coordinator. She sends out email requests to the 400+ individuals on her list as needed. Your email address is not shared with anyone else! Please join us.

You may email Anne with any urgent community news or requests.

Remember to update your address books to keep any important updates from the Civic Association out of your spam folder. We also have a Facebook page. See tab link at left.

Neighborhood Directory 2016

directoryThe Directory is just another benefit of your civic association dues.

GACA distributed a new edition of the Neighborhood Directory for 2016 at the beginning of February 2016. We are trying to keep information current. If your information is incorrect please contact Mary Rodgers.

Please remember that the directory is for Green Acres residents use and NOT to be used for any form of solicitation within the community.

We anticipate publishing an updated directory January 2018.

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