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Snow Snow Snow... continued

snowflake3Our snow plowing contractor starts moving snow when we have or are about to receive 4 inches of snow or more. Occasionally we receive "nuisance" snowfalls where the accumulation is less than 4" and the average daily temperature is below 32 degrees and will remain below 32 degrees for more than 1 day. When this "nuisance" type of snowfall presents, we typically will plow the neighborhood.

Applying sand mixed with ice melt is done when needed, and is always applied at both entrances and all intersections. Some streets don't melt as quickly and will need special treatment as well. Please note those same streets have a higher percent of cars left on the street during snow removal, thus contributing to the icing condition.

The contents in the sand barrels at both entrances and two other locations in the neighborhood are to be applied to the road directly around the barrels; not for your private use at home. We thank you for sanding icy patches in the neighborhood. The barrels are self-service and you can help out by throwing a few shovels of sand onto the road way if you find it slippery. Again, they are sand barrels, not trash cans.

"Timing" the removal of snow and "timing" the snow event is never an easy task. The timing involves the following:

  • multiple calls to the contractor and the Mount Holly, NJ weather station
  • listening to the local weather broadcast
  • actually driving around the neighborhood
  • checking the driving condition on Silverside Road, and checking what other neighborhoods are doing
  • 2:00 AM meetings with the snow removal contractor
  • and of course, luck

All of these factors play into making a good decision when to start clearing the neighborhood.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact Lou Fortunato at 478-8664 







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