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Large Trash Pickup

Saturday October 14, 2017 rain or shine.

Please place ALL items you wish to dispose on your FRONT CURB Friday night or by 7:00AM Saturday morning.

  • NO DUES collection will take place during the event. Items MUST be on curb.

  • We will start collecting the discarded items at 7:00AM and make ONE trip through the neighborhood with each clean-up service starting on Athens Road. First service will pick-up Trash, Rubbish and appliances ONLY.
    Around 9:00AM another truck will pick-up Yard Waste ONLY. We can’t load trash & rubbish into the yard waste truck. We expect to finish around 11:00. Please have separate piles of trash and yard waste.

  • If you have a significant amount of items to dispose of, please call Lou Fortunato to discuss the contents you wish to dispose. An additional fee may be necessary based on the total weight of the items you are discarding. Typically, what can fit inside the bed of a pick-up truck would be considered a typical amount of items to dispose.

  • Typical items we pick-up are clothes washers and dryers, appliances, furniture – both inside and outside, exercise equipment, lawn movers, grills, open and dried latex paint cans, basketball hoops, mattresses, items left over from the garage sale, household items, light construction materials, old bikes, etc.

  • This year we will be picking up YARD WASTE and items containing
    FREON. Tree limbs or branches must be shorter than 96" (8 feet). Smaller branches should be bundled for easy pick-up. We can't haul away tree trunks or a lot of tree trunk sections.

  • Items containing Freon must have the Freon removed. Freon items must have the freon removed. I have secured a contractor who will remove the freon and label the item to be discarded. The fee is $5.00 for EACH item. Please call me (Lou) with your address so I can schedule this service for you.

  • Latex paint cans MUST be open and the paint MUST be dry inside. We suggest you open the cans weeks ahead of the Clean up to dry out the paint. Another idea is to stuff newspaper into the can or mix kitty litter into the open can of paint.

  • Items we CAN'T pick-up are: Tires, roof shingles, asbestos items, solvents, batteries, oil based paints, chemicals, filled propane tanks, items with gasoline still in the tank, oil and sections of concrete.

  • This event is for items not normally picked up by your trash hauler.

  • We could always use your help to load the truck as we proceed through the neighborhood. Your help will keep our costs down.

  • If you have any questions PRIOR to Saturday morning, please call Lou Fortunato at 478-8664 to discuss your concerns or volunteer to help load the truck.








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